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  1. Fahad

    File sent!
    Have you subscribed?

  2. Admin

    Bro after a long time!
    you posted it.
    Thanx for posting!
    Send me on:

  3. Fahad

    Hey Hammad!
    I’ve sent u the files.. Enjoy!!

  4. Nitin Karwasra

    please send me files. my email is ntk.isgreat[at]

  5. Fahad

    Files sent to you!! :)

  6. Admin

    Thanx Bro Your Rockz!
    but 1 question pleez!
    by which site you got .com domain and for which cost!
    Please tell me bro!

  7. Fahad

    You are welcome Hammad.. :)
    I got it at $10


    Nice subscribe box.
    Thanks for posting the nice trick.

  9. Fahad

    Hey Sanjay!
    The files has been sent to you. :)

  10. Sanjeev Pradhan

    I hv subscribed……Please send me the files.

  11. Ummeed Sinha

    Already sent my email din’t get it yet please send fast @

  12. Rishi Raj purohit

    i subscribed now plz help me

  13. Ganesh Panda


    Dear Sir,

    Please Send Me the file.

  14. Fahad

    I’m sorry for the delay.
    I’ve sent you all the files :)

  15. Hammad Ansari

    Fahad Bhai! Where Are You Gone!

  16. Fahad

    Hammad Bro I went for hiking and that’s the reason I was out for a couple of weeks.

  17. Fahad


  18. Kung Manet

    already subscribed. Thanks

  19. Kung Manet

    I already subscribed the email. Thanks

  20. Fahad

    Hey Kung!
    Whats your email?

  21. Shuvendu S Sahu

    Send me the file guluxy[at]

  22. Fahad

    Sent! :)

  23. Fahad

    Sent !!

  24. lovefortechnology

    Very nice post you’ve subscribed via feedburner, when you find time send me the files.

    thank you very much

  25. Ramesh Seervi

    Please send me the file…

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