Top 5 Ways for Students to Make Money Online in 2012!

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  1. John

    Time= 1 year
    Money earned = 2 dollar

    Don’t do blog, kids :p

  2. Fahad

    Hey John!
    Blogging needs lots of time and efforts. When one’s not committed to it then of-course he won’t be able to earn a dime. On the other hand I’ve seen blogs generating money just after 3 or 4 months of their birth.

  3. epeter

    I love that but how can i have or how can i crate a website so that search engine can search

  4. Fahad

    Every blog or website is capable to be searched by the search engines, but to be on the top page, you need to optimize your website in terms of Search engines!

  5. sneha nasit

    Hey Fahad i like your posts… and i invite you to visit my love to hear your suggestions :)

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