Sassy Social Bookmarking Widget with Animation for Blogger

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  1. Admin

    HEy FAHAD!
    I love MyBloggerTips and i am a great fan of you.
    This widget is just awesome..
    Can you please tell how to add the subscribe to get updates widget in the last of the posts,Like in Your Site..
    Thank You!

  2. Fahad

    Hello Admin!
    Thanks a lot bro for commenting and for being a loyal reader of My Blogger Tips!
    About that widget, next week I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to add that specific subscribe widget to your blogs. So Stay Tuned! :)

  3. Admin

    Some Help More Fahad!
    How to add the widget for html code!
    Like you paste the code in a block!
    How to add this block!
    Sorry for bad english!

  4. Fahad

    Oo you mean the HTML code block above (the one having the widget’s coding)?

  5. Mr. Keroro

    thanks for that. It nice…

  6. Fahad

    You are welcome Mr. Keroro!!

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