Create Horizontal Drop Down Menu with CSS3 Transitions

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  1. Admin

    Nice One Fahad!!!
    Keep Going Dude!!!!

  2. techgod8

    cool Menu For Bloggers

    Usefull For All Bloggers

    Thanks Fahad

  3. Fahad

    Thank you guys..
    I appreciate! :)


    Very useful for all the Blogspot bloggers as there is no option for drop down menu in blogspot layout. Thanks for share Fahad

  5. Fahad

    You are most welcome Bro!

  6. Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

    Thanks for this! How do you remove that grey border around the menu? Also, is it possible to center these on the blog instead of left-align them?

  7. Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

    Hi again!
    I figured out the border issue – you have to disable the tabs code. My only problem is centering the menu, and the dropdown menu itself now. It seems that the dropdown has no problem showing up, but it disappears when you go to click on it. Can’t access the links in the menu!! Any tips/help?? Thanks!!

  8. Fahad

    Hey Kirsten!
    Sorry for replying you late!
    Could you send me your blog’s URL?

  9. Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons

    Hi Fahad,
    It’s just a test site for now – it’s

    Thanks for taking a look – appreciate the help!

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