Slide Open Egg Bookmarking Gadget for Blogger

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  1. Fiona Druce

    I added this, but when I look at the page, I see the “Blogger Gadgets” link, located at the very bottom of the page, but no egg. Thoughts?

  2. Fahad

    Have you followed the steps as mentioned above?
    Could you send me your blog’s URL?

  3. Fiona Druce

    Yep and thanks so much!

    When it didn’t work, I decided to just use the “Back to Top” and that isn’t showing, either, I’m near positive it’s for the same reason.

  4. Fiona Druce


    I did, indeed, follow the steps. It has to be something to do with my page, itself, not the code, because the “Back to top” button has never worked, either.

  5. Fahad

    I’ll sort out the problem. I’ve sent you an email, check that out!

  6. Author

    Hey Dude I like The template you are currently using. Please Post a link to download this template. I am a great fan of mybloggertips and i want to use this template in my site..

  7. Fahad

    Hey Author!
    This template is called “Church Revolution Blogger Template”. I’ve highly customized that template.
    Here’s the link

  8. Zombay!

    It works great! thanks!

  9. Admin

    Thanx My Bro Very Very Much…

  10. Fahad

    @Zombay! @Admin
    You’re Welcome :)

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