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  1. Arifin

    Thank you for this is tutorials

  2. Fahad

    You are most welcome Arifin. :)

  3. majidkhan

    what is the simple style for blogg.and its must b using simplefor saving time

  4. Susan Thrasher

    Hi. No problem adding a description meta tag for the blog site, but nothing came up for doing tags on individual posts. Any suggestions?

  5. Susan Thrasher

    Ah…just asked a question, and then found the answer by playing with it some more. To put a meta tag on an individual post, click on the individual post, then click on edit, then on html and the box is on the sidebar. Cheers.

  6. Fahad

    Hey, I’m glad you found that out by yourself.
    Thank you for commenting and sharing the way how to put meta tags on individual posts with our readers. :)

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