Change Feedburner Email Subject Line to Grab Subscribers’ Concentration!

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  1. SeasonWithSpice

    Thanks! I think Blogger did some sort of reset last week. I had the ${lastestitemTitle} entered in my FeedBurner the past year and it was working fine until my last two posts showed my website name as the subject line. I checked in my FeedBurner account today and the “Email Subject/Title” had somehow reverted back to my site name.

  2. SeasonWithSpice

    By the way, the code is misspelled in the section – “To replace email subject line with your ‘last post title’. Need to change ‘lastest’ to ‘latest’. Thanks.

  3. Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Thank you so very much for this timely post. Some of us some times detect these problems but don’t know exactly what to do to have them corrected. With this publication, at least I now know how to take care of such issue.

  4. Fahad

    Thank you so much for making the correction in my code. I appreciate.. :)

    You are welcome. :)

  5. Angie

    Thanks, adding your site as another resource.

  6. Fahad

    Thank you Angie for commenting :)

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