Add Pinterest Pin It Buttons to Blogger Blogs

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  1. twitpix

    ohh perfect!! been looking all over for this.. the pinterest/goodies link didnt help me at all and requires every post to be edited. geesh!

    thanks! ~ K

  2. Fahad

    You are welcome Twitpix.. :)

  3. carlosromero

    It worked for me, finally.
    I’ve been searching a long time for a solution, since the code provided by Pinterest Goodies is useless for Blogger.
    Thanks a lot.
    It will be marvelous if one click in the button just leaded for a popup window with just the image of the post and not for a new window full of options.

  4. Fahad

    I’m Glad it Worked for you.. :)

  5. Russell Tanner

    For some reason this isn’t working for me. The button shows up. But when I click on the button, it just pulls up blank (yellow or white) images to post to Pinterest. Here is a sample URL: Any thoughts? Thanks.

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