What Difficulties and Challenges does a New Blogger Face? (Series Part: 1)

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  1. Unknown

    Hi Fahad… I am a new blogger…I blog as a part of my job and not really my personal thoughts but I still feel that disappointment when the only people reading it are my team members. I also know that its an activity that calls for patience but yeah still I feel bad.. so was just searching for what other new bloggers feel and it was nice to read your post..totally relate to it

  2. Unknown

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  3. Fahad

    Hey there!
    Yeah exactly blogging calls for patience. I wrote it because I wanted to let every new blogger know that its totally normal (in beginning) to feel each and every hardship I’ve mentioned above. There are ways to overcome these challenges and I’m gonna post ‘em soon in the next part of the series.


    Nice aricle man……… every one should read this.


  5. Fahad

    Thank you Inventor! :) I appreciate.

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