Hand Drawn social media widget with Feedburner chicklet and subscribe button!

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  1. Arham Vhy

    wow, very cool widget..

  2. Fahad

    Thanks Arham! :)

  3. The Blogger King

    Its very Nice widget Bro…Thankx a ton for it..see it at my blog.. http://trickswidhacker.blogspot.com

  4. Dwijayasblog

    I like it, though its simple but more natural for me.

  5. Fahad

    @The Blogger King
    Thanks Bro

    I’m very glad you liked it. :)

  6. Abdul Rehman

    I want to say that the readers button is not being seen on my blog.

  7. Fahad

    @ Abdul Rehman
    Could you send me your blog’s URL?

  8. Fahad

    @Abdul Rehman
    You blog is using a dynamic view template, you cannot add custom HTML Widgets, at least not now. We hope that in future blogger dynamic views would support it.

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