Finally, Blogger Dynamic View Templates support Widgets or Gadgets

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  1. Datuk Paduko


    I have add a HTML/JavaScript from third-party functionality or other code to my blog.

    Why it didn’t appeared in the Widget support Gadgets panel?

  2. Fahad

    Hi Datuk!
    For the Time being blogger dynamic views aren’t supporting the custom HTML/JavaScript Widgets.
    Currently they just support:
    Blog Archive,
    Subscribe and
    Link List.
    Dynamic Views still need improvements!

  3. jaenabkeren

    How I add Page in my side bar.. I want to add Gallery Photo in my blog after K-Drama but Gallery photo don’t show in my blog. Please Help me! This is my blog

    Btw, how i can add chat box in myblog.??? Thanks

  4. faizahidris

    how to put html on dynamic view blog

  5. Fahad

    @ jaenabkeren & faizahidris
    Guys dynamic views still do not support custom html widgets so you cannot add or put on html on your DV enabled blogs.

  6. Google Boy

    Any way to add the social slider widget in Dynamic view?? I am Using DV but Highly missing these gadgets … :(

    My Blog is here:
    also lately I am observing that sometimes my static Pages fails to show up in the Menu bar and so do the widgets….

    Any Help on this??

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