Social Media Sharing Buttons Below Blogger Post Titles

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  1. Sunny Khan

    great !! love to see this :)

  2. Fahad

    Hi Sunny bro!
    I’m glad you liked it. :)

  3. Shelby Barone

    It does not seem to be working for me?

  4. Fahad

    Bro I made a mistake, you need to place the widget code above .
    Most probably you would find it () twice, you need to place the widget code above the first one to get it to work.
    Try it then lemme know

    you are welcome.. :)

  5. T. Mannis

    Love it, excellent, but how can we get it to share without the epilogue “via @mybloggertips” ?

  6. Fahad

    Hey T.Mannis!
    Just remove data-via=’mybloggertips’ from the code above, then you won’t see “via@mybloggertips” appearing.
    You can replace mybloggertips with your twitter id, it would appear as “via@yourtwitterid”
    Thanks for commenting.


    thanks for the post…….. nice one……..

  8. TechnoJake

    awesome dude…. helped a lot thank u……

  9. Brian Nyagol

    Thanks for this…my posts can now be shared without any hastle

  10. Fahad

    Thank you guys for commenting and appreciating, meant a lot :)

  11. Jagathk

    I went through lots of websites to understand how to do this. wow this is a very simple thing to do. thanks for the tutorial. highly appreciated. you can see your widget working on Fb chat codes

  12. blogtym

    awesome,thank you..

  13. Fahad

    @Jagathk and Blogtym:
    You are welcome :)

  14. Milan Aryal

    Not working on mine please check

  15. Kamal Ranasingha

    Thank you very much.I have searchin for this much of time.Finally I got it from this blog.I’m going to add it to my blog Faces For Facebook Chat

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