How to Edit the Blogger Dynamic View Templates?

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  1. P. Rose

    Do you have any idea when Dynamic Views will start to support gadgets? I have been waiting to change over until they do, because I utilize them on my blog.


  2. Fahad

    Hi PRose!
    Honestly I don’t know when dynamic views would start supporting gadgets but I do know that Blogger are currently working on that. Blogger’s Dynamic Views update # 2 was about customization of dynamic views and at the end of that post they mentioned that widgets/gadget support would soon be available on it.

  3. P. Rose

    Thanks for the answer. I went ahead and switched to Dynamic Views anyway with the hopes that the gadgets will follow soon. Right now, I am pulling my hair out trying to get the share buttons back. I really need the Share to Facebook button! I see your tutorial on adding them, but it seems as if it is not for people using Dynamic Views. When I use the old dashboard interface, and click on Design to try to get to Edit Html, it takes me directly to my blog instead, with the template editor in a bar above. There seems to be no way for me to get to Edit Html! In the new dashboard interface there is no “design” option. I am very frustrated.

  4. Fahad

    @ P.Rose
    Good luck with the dynamic views bro! :)
    I can get you to the Edit HTML page but I’m afraid you can’t add any widget yet (I’ve tried to help you guys but so far no luck with it).
    Follow the above tutorial it would get you to the Edit HTML page. If u face any difficulty , I’m right here, just leave a comment. :)

  5. Antaryami786

    “{(For New Blogger User Interface!)
    You can find your Blog ID by clicking the blog link in your dashboard and copy the blog id from the address bar and paste in the link above.”

    I have problem following the instructions above…..which “link” are you referring to?

  6. Sam Jacob

    hey guys visit
    its a dynamic view website i am also waiting for gadgets in dynamic views

  7. Fahad

    I’m referring to the link on your dashboard to your blog. When you visit blogger, first thing you find there is all your blogs. From their click on the blog that has the dynamic views enabled and for which you wanna access the Edit HTML page.
    See this image

    @Sam Jacob
    I’ve visited your Blog, keep up the good work. (Y)

  8. Antaryami786

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i thought of sharing this……

  9. Fahad

    You’re Welcome Buddy

  10. Freelancer

    Fahad, i have a question. I’m using one of the dynamic views. I’ve a top bar menu that shows two tabs. Sidebar and pages.

    Here’s the website:

    What I want to know is, is there anyway to edit that top bar?? I mean i want the pages under the ‘pages’ tab to be grouped separately. In short, it should look like Home, Sidebar, [specific page], [another page] with drop down menus. Is that possible??

    Hope to hear from you

  11. DrewDude

    This helps a ton. Thank you!

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