Add the Upgraded, Stylish Social Media Sharing Buttons Below Post Titles

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  1. Fahad

    Thanks Shree! :)

  2. Jen

    Thanks for this post. It’s exactly what I want to add to my blog – minus the Google+. However, I copy and paste your code into my blog’s HTML and nothing happens. I’m using Blogger and when I go to preview and scroll to the bottom of my posts nothing has happened. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Fahad

    Hello Jen!
    Thank you for commenting.
    First of all back up your Template and after that follow the steps above and then click the save button because “previewing” the page will display the preview of “homepage” and not the “post-page”. So try saving and then see what happens.
    Lemme know then. :)

  4. Nicole Pyles

    I’m wondering the same thing…the share button is no where to be found on my blog. Will this just start appearing on new posts, or already existing ones?

  5. Fahad


    It would appear on all post pages, including new and old ones. Try following the steps above exactly as mentioned and once you are done, lemme know. :)

  6. Shelby Barone

    I can’t get this to work either. I put it into the code – but nothing shows on the blog

  7. Fahad

    @ Shelby Barone!
    Bro I altered the code, try it now!
    If you would find twice, place the code above the first one.
    Good luck

  8. Dude of The House

    Couldn’t get it to work. Saved and published it. Even tried both places where I found , but it didn’t matter. Any suggestions?

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