Attractive + Smooth Scrolling "Back to Top" button for Blogger Blogs

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  1. Alex

    than’x friend… it work.. I like it.
    visit back my site,, :D

  2. BitInspiration

    Also work on my blog…thank…

  3. Fahad

    Thanks Alex! :)

  4. Fahad

    M glad it worked for u.. :)

  5. Mahesh PM

    Thanks……………. visit my blog site:

  6. Eshelon

    my jQuery slider stop working with this code

  7. Fahad

    Your are most welcome.. :)

  8. Fahad

    Whats your Blog’s URL?
    Try adding the above code without

  9. Eshelon


    yep already try it with out this code no button at all but slider start works
    its seems like some kinda conflict with jquery slider
    my blog

  10. Dragon-hunter95

    nice gadget and thanks for it

  11. Fahad

    You are welcome! :)

  12. Levis Raju

    Thanks for giving me the code. I had made some images. Plz check this : The UP Style scroll back top buttons for blogger –

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