How to Customize Dynamic view Templates?

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  1. Emmy

    Until the editing options are more advanced than what they are now, (for example, the ability to upload our own customized blog titles, or even change the the main default white background to a different color, AND/OR the actual blog post font colors to a default setting) it isn’t a good option. I use my blog for my company website, so until those changes are made, I cannot change it. I don’t have the time to go back and REDO every single post to make sure it is visible on the awful white! (my current background color is black). There is a particular layout I absolutely love, but it’s definitely NOT worth the hours it would take me to go back and FIX all the font color issues or the fact that I cannot even use my own logos in the blog title. Sorry if this sounds redundant. I am really saddened that their new layouts aren’t suited for my company needs at this time.

  2. Fahad

    Hi Emmy, thanks for visiting and commenting.
    No its doesn’t sound redundant, I agree with you. Lots of blogger users want to start using the new dynamic views but due to lack of customization they hesitate doing so. Blogger is trying harder to make dynamic views more customize-able.
    In your case Emmy, I think I can help you.
    Check my email

  3. Jali

    Thinking of using this theme, but lack of customization is a great drawback.

  4. Fahad

    Hey Jali!
    I agree with you on that, but Blogger is currently working on making dynamic view templates more customizable. The top most reason that many bloggers aren’t using dynamic views for the time being is that it lack widget support. According to Blogger, Widget support will soon be available for these templates.
    Stay tuned!

  5. PeterD

    I agree with Emmy. There simply isn’t enough customization available for the dynamic views templates. I have used the existing blogger system for several websites of mine and although basic, it does the job well. However with new dynamic views there are a number of gripes:
    1. No widgets
    2. can’t get rid of the search box in the top right hand corner
    3. no easy way to set the blog to use just one of the dynamic view themes eg mosaic
    4. Changing the favicon is more difficult (although not impossible)
    5. No easy way that I can see of removing things such as the date tab from images, so things look more like a website and less like a scrap book.
    6. No easy way to change the banner image.
    7. The footer section doesn’t work (important if you want to display copyright or contact info)
    8. No easy way to put addittional text on the bottom of the front page of the blog (which would have been helpful for seo).
    9. No obvious way of removing the google+ twitter facebook buttons on posts.
    10. No option that I can see for manually editing the HTML (although there does appear to be one for CSS)

    Dont get me wrong, the new themes look great, but I suspect a lot of users will steer clear untill they can have more control over how the blogs/websites look and behave.

  6. Fahad

    Hey PeterD!
    Thanks for commenting.
    I absolutely agree with you, Blogger dynamic views have all those drawbacks that you mentioned above. I personally won’t recommend it to any blogger user because of those gripes. But, I’m waiting for Blogger to update dynamic views and make it more customizable (as they promised).
    BTW i have an easy way to change the favicon of Dynamic views :p

  7. bildopolis

    I’m trying to “customize” a dynamic template right now and followed a tutorial on adding custom CSS ( – copied and pasted exactly what was in the tutorial into the Advanced>Add CSS window and it had no effect. I am an experienced html/CSS coder. It appears the custom CSS feature is broken?

    I might be missing something. Anyway, thanks for your posts, they’re helpful!

  8. Fahad

    You are welcome.. :)
    Buddy I tried that too, I guess blogger dynamic views doesn’t support the “Add CSS” option right now.

  9. Doctor Gate

    I totally agree with you guys,the new theme is fantastic but I cant wait new editing option to become available!

  10. Fahad

    @Doctor Gate
    Thanks for commenting bro! :)


    How to customize templates…post

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