Change Favicon in Blogger Dynamic Views

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  1. Jason Johnstone-Yellin

    Awesome! I spent 45 minutes pulling my hair out trying to fix this. Found your post and had it fixed in 45 seconds. Cheers!

  2. Fahad

    @Jason Johnstone-Yellin
    I’m really glad it helped you :)

  3. Eshelon

    i upload Test sample favicon and its work fine but cant change it to another one looks like its stock there
    any help?

  4. Fahad

    Hi Eshelon,
    You can change your test favicon with any other, by doing the save procedure as above. When you click on the edit link beside Favicon, there you will find a preview of you current favicon and a link that says “remove”. Just click on remove and then upload another one.
    I’m sure it would help.

  5. Fahad

    Thanks Ishan.. :)

  6. 梓 あずさ

    Thank You so MUCH!!!!!

  7. Fahad

    You’re welcome.. :)

  8. Larissa-jane Ryan

    It hasn’t worked for me after I saved it? As in it doesn’t appear when I post, help?

  9. Fahad

    Hi Larissa-Jane!
    I just visited your blog, your favicon has already been changed, it works (Y) :)

  10. qubodup

    It doesn’t seem to work instantly. On it’s still not visible after 3 minutes (not even in source code).

  11. Fahad

    @ qubodup
    Bro I’ve just visited your blog, your favicon has been changed successfully ..
    My tutorial works! :p

  12. Emix

    Thanks for the tips Fahad :)
    Using Chrome it takes some time before the tutorial works, but it works!

  13. Abby Rogers

    Brilliant! For some reason this worked in the old Blogger interface, but not Blogger in Draft. Hm.


  14. Sam Jacob

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Fahad

    Thank you Emix and Abby.

  16. Admin

    not work

  17. AjengFitrianiMutia

    Thank you :) so I’am not understand :( help me

  18. Fahad

    Would you guys (@admin @Ajeng) please provide me your blog’s URL?

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