Pros and Cons of Blogger Dynamic Views

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  1. Andree Santini

    Do you know how to add back the email subscription widget to the dynamic views? Thanks

  2. Fahad

    Hi Andree,
    After enabling dynamic view, most of the widgets disappear. That’s the case with the email subscription widget as well, it won’t show up on the dynamic view template. That’s one of the reasons I’m not gonna avoid using dynamic view template (at least for now).

  3. Carolyn Brooks Fleming

    I played around with Dynamic Views for less than a day, but planned to switch back to my old template because my gadgets were gone and some of my label links didn’t work. BUT…I took a moment to check my stats. My page views had skyrocketed! Would be silly of me to switch back, right? I’ve moved some widget info to pages for now, until Blogger incorporates them into Dynamic Views. My main problem involves the labels. My longer ones, “by-the-month,” for example, don’t work. I’m not sure if the problem is the hyphens or the character length. Any thoughts?

  4. Fahad

    Hi Carolyn!
    If your pageviews had skyrocketed (as you put it) then it won’t be wise to revert back to the old template.
    For the labels problem, Could you please send me your blog’s URL and the label link that isn’t working?

  5. Fahad

    @ Carolyn
    P.S I don’t think the problem is due character length or hyphens. Send me the links I’ll check.

  6. Christopher Allen

    It looks better now. I was able to add the Purebloggers LIKE button, but I would love to have my Stumbleupon LIKE button back! Still, my blog looks much better now.

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