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  1. Andree Santini

    Do you have any idea how to add back the email subscription button to the blog after switching to dynamic view? Thank you

  2. Fahad

    Hi Andree, Thanks for visiting.
    So far I know, its not possible to customize the dynamic view template and to add widgets. It actually doesn’t display most of the widgets (I think that’s the reason why your email subscription button won’t show up). See the Pros and cons of Dynamic Views.

  3. Daniel H. Herman

    How to add widgets on dynamic view template?

  4. Fahad

    Hi Daniel,
    You can add widgets, but the problem is that they won’t appear on your blog (having dynamic view template enabled). These dynamic view templates are fixed, we cannot change it (so far i think), due to no “Edit HTML” option in the Design tab.
    Check out the Pros and cons of Dynamic View Templates

  5. MSK

    hai friends…
    My blog is juz follow it

  6. Fahad

    Thanks for visiting MSK. You’ve got a nice blog, keep up the good work.

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