Difference between DoFollow and NoFollow Links

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  1. kaylamuller

    I think everyone already know the difference between these tags, but actually no one does know for sure, if nofollow links are of any use for SEO…You can’t exactly say that nofollow backlinks don’t do any good to your site.
    -Kayla, from ipad programming

  2. Fahad

    Hi Kayla!
    Yeah you are right.
    But I think nofollow links doesn’t do any good in terms of SEO and also considering Matt Cutts concept about nofollow tag.

  3. Self Esteem Tips

    “When Google’s algorithms read the NoFollow attribute, it simply ignores the link when calculating a Web site’s Page Rank.” Well. Are you sure? I mean there is a link whatsoever, and a link is a link, and this nofollow link is not considered as powerful as a dofollow link, but it must (should) be considered somehow, or am I totally lost in the dark?

  4. Fahad

    @Self Esteem Tips
    While considering and calculating the Google Pagerank of a website, the link having the tag “Nofollow” are ignored. I think the reason for the introduction of NoFollow tag was that linking a website with a Dofollow link actually shares its Pagerank with the one linked. So if a Blog/Website links other website but with the Nofollow tag, it won’t harm its PR neither would it share it with the linked website.
    In terms of SEO and PR Nofollow links doesn’t help and I think the only good it can bring is “refer visitors”.

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